Incentivize member loyalty, attract new members, and generate additional revenue with your own travel club

Discover how any member-based organization, from unions and professional associations to shopping clubs, can easily launch a travel benefits program and leverage the power of their closed user group to:

  • Provide members with exclusive travel options and deals, including cruise
  • Generate revenue through margin-funded discounts
  • Inspire loyalty and engagement across demographics
  • Collect valuable data to inform future activities  

Download this guide to discover how your organization can create extra value for your members through travel benefits they won't find anywhere else.

Why launching a travel club is the right move for your members and your organization

Arrivia - Perks that Work: A use case for membership-based organizations

Increase engagement by positioning your organization as the booking platform for members' travel needs.

Create a clear value proposition and launch effective incentives for members, especially those that prioritize unique experiences above all else.

Get to know your members better by gaining valuable insight into their travel preferences and interests.

Continuously adjust the margin—or the amount of revenue you generate on your club's travel inventory—based on your growth goals.

Download this guide to learn how arrivia's travel privileges platform and marketing and customer servicing solutions can help your member-based organization grow its membership, keep existing members engaged and uncover new revenue streams.

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Our travel software platform helps you:

Power your closing tools

Create lifetime value

Drive customer behavior

Enhance your programs

Add incremental revenue

Propel lead acquisition

Create rebate and reward programs

Increase brand loyalty