The 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report

Learn about the evolving goalposts of travel loyalty and what today’s consumer wants from their travel rewards program.

In 2022, we published our first Travel Loyalty Outlook Report, which was based on two 2021 surveys: a consumer survey and one of loyalty professionals. But the world of travel looks vastly different today than it did during the height of the pandemic. To better understand how the priorities of travel loyalty have changed in the intervening years, we repeated the surveys in 2023.

The 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report is a result of those efforts. Learn about that shift and what key opportunities lie ahead for travel loyalty providers, including:

  • Why brands are laser-focused on customer lifetime value.
  • What loyalty technologies and rewards they are relying on to achieve their goals.
  • Whether redemption offerings align with consumer needs and preferences.
  • The unexplored frontier of cruise travel loyalty.

A Return to Profitability: The State of Travel Loyalty in 2024

Travel Loyalty Outlook 2024 - Travel's Recent Evolution

Our new travel loyalty survey report reveals how loyalty programs can leverage the ongoing travel demand to engage members and increase customer lifetime value by offering exclusive topline discounts, introducing a flexible currency to their programs, expanding their redemption options, investing in third-party loyalty technology, closing the awareness gap through intelligent marketing and exploring the untapped potential of cruise.

Key insights in this report include:



37% of consumers say price/value for money is the top consideration when planning a trip, and 42% say it has become increasingly important over the last year. 


44% of consumers believe that prices on their loyalty platforms are too high overall.


One in five loyalty program providers report that demonstrating the value of rewards is a major challenge.


30% of brands believe they could improve their conversions if it were easier to earn and redeem points, while almost half of consumers want better redemption and earning capabilities.


Only 12% of consumers who intend to cruise in 2024 plan to book through their loyalty program even though 48% of all consumers would consider it for the right value, indicating a sizeable, untapped market ripe for conversion. 

Learn how a loyalty technology partner with access to supplier-funded discounts across a wide range of travel inventory, a flexible, white label platform complete with advanced marketing capabilities and built-in customer-centric features can help travel rewards programs overcome the challenges keeping them from achieving their goals and provide the depth of value customers are looking for.

Download The 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Report here.