Steal a Glimpse into 2024’s Travel Trends: The Pathway to Program Profits

Learn how your loyalty program can seize engagement, retention and revenue opportunities in 2024.

Discover what consumers and loyalty program professionals are prioritizing in the upcoming year, including:

  • An overarching emphasis on getting value for money among travelers.
  • Engagement superseding retention and membership growth as top loyalty goals.
  • The importance of having the right loyalty technology partner.

Download our survey report snapshot and discover the key travel and loyalty trends among consumers and loyalty program professionals heading into 2024, and how loyalty programs can capitalize on them.

The Pathway to Program Profits: An arrivia 2024 Travel Loyalty Outlook Snapshot

Travel Loyalty Outlook 2024 - The Pathway To Program Profits

Our new travel loyalty survey report reveals how loyalty programs have an opportunity to rethink how they offer value to their members by expanding their earning and redemption options, leaning into their advantage as closed user groups to provide exclusive topline discounts and introducing new high-value options like cruises into their travel rewards portfolios.

Other key insights in this snapshot include:



37% of consumers rank “price/value for money” as their top priority when trip planning.


Only 20% of businesses think demonstrating the value of their travel rewards is their biggest challenge.


29% of brands say that increasing customer lifetime value is their biggest goal for their loyalty programs, compared to 16% in 2021.


More than 1/3 of consumers (36%) have taken a cruise, and a quarter (25%) plan to do so in 2024.

Learn how a loyalty technology partner who can provide extensive travel inventory, a customer-centric feature set, advanced marketing capabilities and expertise in niche customer groups can help loyalty programs provide the value that their customers want and deliver what brands need to meet their business growth goals.

Download The Pathway to Program Profits report today.