Consumers are ready for cruise travel again: A snapshot of consumer sentiment towards cruise travel in early 2022

The Ready to Board consumer survey conducted by arrivia in early January 2022 reveals that U.S. consumers are cautiously optimistic about their cruise travel plans over the next two years:

  • Consumers are dreaming of luxury cruise vacations
  • Consumers are looking for longer cruise journeys
  • Consumers want instant savings and immediate discounts on travel
  • Consumers are ready to set sail as early as Spring

Download this consumer cruise survey to discover what other factors are driving more demand for cruise travel among American consumers in 2022.

Find out how American consumers feel about cruise travel in 2022


Timing is everything: When are American travelers are planning to book their next cruise?


Cost is critical: Why value remains the most important factor in consumers’ decision-making


Where are they going: Which destinations are most popular for cruise travel?


Cash, credit or points: Which payment methods are consumers using?

And which onboard safety measures will make U.S. consumers feel most comfortable cruising again? Get the answer to that question and find out what else is impacting cruise travel in 2o22.